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Product group: Knife-gate valves
  Knife-gate valve, bidirectional, hand lever Kat-WGEB-ML
  Knife-gate valve, bidirectional, hand wheel Kat-WGEB-MW
  Knife-gate valve, bidirectional, pneumatically operated Kat-WGEB-PD
  Knife-gate valve, electrically operated, with E-Kit Kat-WGE-EL
  Knife-gate valve, hydraulic actuator Kat-WGE-HD
  Knife-gate valve, hand lever Kat-WGE-ML
  Knife-gate valve, hand wheel Kat-WGE-MW
  Knife-gate valve, for 4-hole flange Kat-WGE-MZ
  Knife-gate valve, pneumatically operated Kat-WGE-PD
  Knife-gate valve, pneumatically single operated Kat-WGE-PSNC


Procuct group: Accessories for knife.gate valve
  E-Kit Kat-WGE-E-Kit
  Positioner, digital electro/pneumatic Kat-WGS-EPPD
  Limit switch, inductiv Kat-WGS-LS-IB
  Limit switch, mechanic Kat-WGS-LS-MO
  5/2-way Solenoid valve, Type N Kat-WGS-PV-PD-N


Product group: Actuators
  Electric actuator NA03 Kat-NA03
  Electric actuator NA005…NA250 Kat-NA
  Positioner PCU for actuator NA005 Kat-NA005-PCU
  Positioner PCU for actuator NA006 … NA250 Kat-NA006-NA250-PCU


Product group: Gate valves
  Gate valve, GGG-50, softsealed Kat-GVE


Product group: Non-returm valves
  Swing-check valve, GGG-50 Kat-SCV
  Double-flap check-valve, GGG-50 Kat-DFC
  Ball non-return valve, GGG-50 Kat-BC


Product group: Strainer
  Y-strainer, GGG-50 Kat-STE

Operating manuals

Product group: Knife-gate valve
  Manual knife-gate valve Anl-WGE


Product group: Actuator
  Manual electric actuator NA Anl-NA